We have been working with Arkonik for almost 10 years. 

They are a great example of the variety of ways we meet new clients. Andrew met their MD, Andy Hayes, when he sold him a sofa on Ebay!

Their website has gone through many iterations through the years. Each update is based on careful reviews of where they are and where they want to be. 

The Arkonik business has evolved. It started as a second hand Defender dealer. It is now the world's leading custom Land Rover Defender specialist. During each stage of their growth, we have ensured that their website and their online business tools have adapted and enabled them to deliver their new business goals. 

Arkonik export their Defenders to North America. Their customers spend thousands of dollars without visiting their workshops in rural Somerset. The website is essential in assuring customers that they are a trustworthy business. 

Today, their customers can:

1) Configure their own Defender

2) Have their own customer portal. This lets them track the progress of their Defender through the workshop process.

3) Browse photos and videos of past Defenders.

4) See how Arkonik's Pioneers use their Defenders.

The Arkonik team from one online dashboard can:

1) Record, measure and action customer enquiries.

2) Update the Configurator with new options.

3) Manage their marketing lists.

4) Update their website.



We like to add testimonials here. However, due to their CEO's inability to write a complimentary sentence without swear words, we feel it better to leave this bit blank ....

Please just take our word for it, they are very happy with our work.

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